Culture on the Go - Touring and Event Travel

The Culture on the Go program funds projects that are non-commercial in nature and build knowledge, expertise and networks for professional Saskatchewan artists and artistic products provincially, nationally and internationally; encourage innovative approaches to touring; connect audiences to Saskatchewan artists and artistic products; provide opportunities to discuss/present the work of Saskatchewan artists, present a unique opportunity to enhance their careers or artistic development, and benefit the arts in Saskatchewan.
Culture on the Go is funded by the Government of Saskatchewan and administered by the Saskatchewan Arts Board through an agreement with the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport.

Application Closing Date

  • Culture on the Go - Event Travel: Applications are now being accepted for the January to March 2016 quarter.

    Funds for the program are assigned on a quarterly basis. Applications are accepted until the funding allocation for the quarter is depleted, then the intake is suspended until the next quarter. 
  • Culture on the Go - Touring: Artists and Touring: Arts Organizations: October 19, 2015 and February 16, 2016

Note: If the application closing date falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the closing date is moved to the next working day.


  • Event Travel Grants Eligible Applicants: professional Saskatchewan artists, critics and curators
  • Touring: Artists Eligible Applicants: emerging or established professional Saskatchewan artists
  • Touring: Arts Organizations Eligible Applicants: Saskatchewan arts organizations

Please review the application package for more information on eligibility.

Maximum funding

  • Event Travel: $750 for an individual; $1,500 for two or more persons
  • Touring: Artists: $20,000
  • Touring: Arts Organizations: $40,000


  • Event Travel applicants are informed of grant decisions no later than 14 days after receipt of the application and support material.
  • Touring applicants are typically informed of grant decisions no later than 90 days after the application closing date.
  • A list of grant recipients will be posted below.


Event Travel:
Jay Kimball
(306) 787-4659 (Regina) or (800) 667-7526 (Toll-free)
Touring - Artists:

Philip Adams
(306) 964-1164 (Saskatoon) or (800) 667-7526 (Toll-free)

Touring - Arts Organizations:

Karen Henders
(306) 787-9634 (Regina) or (800) 667-7526 (Toll-free)


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